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Education Innovation 101

“Education Innovation 101” equips teachers and educators with the theory, real-life examples, and practical exercises to understand, identify and implement impactful education innovations in their school or classroom. To start your learning journey, click the button below and start exploring!

Welcome to the Education Innovation 101 course!
As the name suggests, this course is all about education innovation. In this first module, we want to provide you with a clear understanding of how to make the most out of this course. Let's start wit
Key Concepts and Definitions
What do we mean when we talk about innovation in education? In this module, HundrED's Head of Research, Crystal Green, defines the key concepts and gives you the essential theoretical background for u
Three Types of Education Innovations
In our third module, we will take a closer look at education innovations in three different categories: Skills, teaching practices and learning environments. In addition, three experts will share thei
How to Implement Education Innovations?
It is time to start putting education innovations into practice! In this module, HundrED's Head of Impact, Shalini Subbiah, walks you through the first steps and the basic requirements when implementi
How to Select & Trial Innovations in Classroom?
There is no shortage of education innovations. The challenge is to identify the ones that work in your context. That requires trialling! In this module, you will learn how to set up a trial in your ow
How to Create an Innovation-Friendly Education System?
Implementation of education innovations is rarely in the hands of an individual educator. Often, the decisions are made at the school or school district level and sometimes even on a national level. T
Key Takeaways and Resources for Further Learning
We are reaching the end of our course, and this final module summarises the key takeaways from the course. You will receive instructions on how to submit the coursework to receive the certificate. And