HundrED Online Courses

HundrED Online Courses equip teachers and educators with the theory, real-life examples and practical exercises to understand, identify and implement impactful education innovations in their classroom.

About Online Courses

The goal of Education Innovation 101 is to give you a holistic understanding of what education innovations are, why they can solve challenges in education without breaking the system, and how you can learn to think like an innovator yourself.

We will start by defining what innovations are, and what they are not. You will be presented with an abundance of real-life examples of practical solutions throughout this course. We will take a look at five different types of education innovations, and learn how to identify and scope problems that you can solve. You will hear from educators who have successfully implemented impactful innovations in their own classrooms. And finally, you will learn how to work with leadership and education providers to create a more innovation-friendly environment.

This course has been designed for educators who want to take a fresh look at their work, and be inspired by alternative ways of solving challenges in their everyday work. The course is also suitable for education specialists and education providers looking to expand their understanding of education innovations.

The course will be published in 2023.