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First Aid Kit For Innovators

The entrepreneurial journey is a fascinating expedition into oneself - interweaving a deeply personal meandering with established processes of success that have worked over generations. In partnership with Project FUEL, this care course is designed by harvesting the wisdom of the innovator community to serve as a first aid kit for the soul and a roadmap for your entrepreneurial journeys.

Taking the jump into being an entrepreneur is a bold move by any standard, if there ever was one. Leaving the security of a steady income and leaping into the unknown is not an easy feat. The complexi
Every currency, all at once
Imagine associating feelings with the process of raising funds not with the words ‘daunting’ and ‘overwhelming’, but with ‘building relationships’ and ‘visioning’ instead. How does it feel?
Most Valuable Pause
If you were watching a movie, listening to a song or even working vigorously before starting this module and decided to pause all that work to replenish yourselves, you have already embarked on the jo
Pivoting & Grooving
Trying to turn your life in the direction you want to and essentially feeling stuck in the middle of the process is a feeling we must all be familiar with. Through that process, learning the ins and o
Scale The Self
Is scaling the process of expanding one’s abilities, skills and capacity to handle new challenges, or is it about taking an introspective approach and becoming closer to oneself?
Proof Of Purpose
The England-based street artist and political activist Banksy epitomises the following quote about following one’s purpose in life: “Not everyone will understand your journey, and that’s okay. You’re
Measuring for Meaning
“All are invited, but none can talk about work!” A conscious dating service in Mumbai, India held a singles meet in January 2023 with simply this by-line as an entry ticket. It sounds like a unique
A lot of us today are multilingual. We either grow up in cultures where many languages are spoken or end up learning languages apart from our mother tongues out of need or curiosity. Especially when w